Trustees' Annual Report 2022

2021/22 was another unusual year for FOMBL. Due to the restrictions, we held no public meetings at all and only had online trustee meetings. However, our volunteers were hard at work all year. Highlights include planting lots of new trees as well as watering and maintaining many other established ones. We also installed several birdboxes and regularly organised litter picking and graffiti removal sessions. We also worked to help maintain the pavilion and its back garden while the future of that building remains uncertain. We continued to seed and maintain some vital wildflower spaces which help insects and birds. Scottish Water plan to build a huge tank just off Marchmont Road and we will seek to ensure that the area is repaired to a high standard.

Improvement projects during the year include the excellent new table tennis table by the tennis courts. A nursery house and new information boards are in the works. Every project involves a lot of work. We've been told that that the famous Jawbones are too fragile to be re-erected and a replacement of some kind is under discussion. Financially we still have some reserves and are looking for projects to fund.

Some more great news is that the temporary public toilets have been installed for the summer again. This reduces anti-social behaviour a lot

We work hard to communicate through our website, Facebook group and regular newsletter. In this way we outline everything that we do to keep members and local residents informed and involved.

None of the work that FOMBL does would be possible without our members, funders, volunteers and patient local residents. By working together we are so much more effective in maintaining, protecting and enhancing the Meadows and Bruntsfield Links for current and future generations.

We are always looking for new members, volunteers and trustees to support our endeavours. Trustee meetings take place roughly every two months.

Signed by Jim Orr, Convenor of FOMBL __________________

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