New toddlers' playground at SW Bruntsfield Links (adjoining Muriel Spark Walk)

I realised that there was a lack of play equipment serving families who live around the South area of the Links and after consultation with local families I raised sufficient funds to install two simple pieces of wooden equipment in the form of a covered log house and a wooden train on a special safety mat.

The site chosen was considered ideal as it is a completely fenced area with one access gate thus minimising dog entry and toddler escape! There is also a FoMBL wildflower meadow which we hope can be used by the children to plant their own bulbs and seeds.

We have provided wood chip access paths to prevent damage to seeded soil as well as muddy feet! Funds were provided by a generous donation by nearby Forbes nursery, CEC community fund, the Scottish Government and FoMBL. Contractor (Landcare Solutions) organisation was by Alan Grevers of CEC.

Neil Roger

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