Event Conditions Summer 09

The Urban Circus has permission to occupy the ground from 9 am. Sunday 2nd August until 6 pm. Monday, 7th September, and will open to the public Friday 7th August to Saturday 5th September, operating time 12 noon to 11 pm. They have permission for 18 caravans, and Mike Shields, Council Officer responsible for overseeing the Meadows, has asked to have the registration numbers of those by 7/8/09. Tracking was laid 3/8/09, and will be taken up as soon as the vehicles are all on site. Mike expects this to be by Friday, 7/8/09. Deliveries are to be made between 8 and 10 am. Any deliveries outwith this period need special permission. All vehicular access is to be via the George Square side (not from Melville Drive or Middle Meadow Walk). If a vehicle wants to park on Melville Drive and allow people to walk from there, thatís fine. Mike will be visiting the site on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, and on Tuesday and Thursday if necessary. If he is aware of any problems he will be accompanied by the police, environmental wardens, and the anti social behaviour team.

For Evans Funfair, Occupation from 9 am. 2nd August to 1pm, 17th August. Open to public Wednesday 6th to Sunday 16th August, 2pm. to 10 pm. 8 residential caravans on site, registration numbers to be given, and certificates issued. On this site the tracking stays down for the duration, and additional tracking has been asked for. Inspection will be carried out to make sure the drip trays are put in place to catch leaking fuel and oil. Conditions state that the fair is at least 5 metres from the cricket boundary. No cricket matches have been cancelled. Mike will be visiting Mon, Wed, Fri, just after 10.00 am., and additional visits if necessary.

There is some additional information in the Meadows Manifesto document.

Any problems I suggest you phone Mike Shields on 529 7624.