Future of Sick Kids site

We had a vibrant meeting on Wednesday 16th November with over 70 people coming. An excellent write up by Alistair can be found on the Marchmont and Sciennes blogspot, where we will be posting the follow-up when we receive it. I asked everyone who attended to answer three simple questions, and I have compiled the replies I received here.

What stood out most for me, was that there was clear consensus from the USES group regarding : If anyone knows how these ideas could be funded please contact me. Coincidentally there was a very interesting story on the BBC website on Saturday on the Community Land Trust that features the St Clements hospital site that Charles Campion from JTP talked about at our open meeting in September. There will be other opportunities to contribute to this process and we are continuing to work towards a full charrette where we would have an input to the final design of the site.
Douglas Rogers
Coordinator of the Marchmont and Sciennes community council sub-group looking at the Sick Kids site redevelopment.
email pagsk2017@gmail.com