A FoMBL member was out and about on Monday, 4/7/11 and took these photos. You can see examples of bad burns caused by barbecues, but also some disposable barbecues that don't burn the grass.
She says "I was pleasantly surprised that I received no rudeness when I approached various groups of (mainly) young people, who were happy to learn about the designated sites (of which they had not been aware). Some had been careful not to burn the grass, by using their own proper stands, or 'instant' barbecues that had adequate legs so that they were raised a decent distance from the grass. One group had actually brought along an elaborate device consisting of a board covered with foil, on which they put their barbecue. I learned that Tesco's 'instant' product is the best, with a sensible stand that keeps the heat about 2" away from the grass, and seems not to damage it. Scotmid's product has a stand that is totally inadequate, and people don't read the instructions, which state that the barbecue should not be used directly on grass. Sainsbury's version has no stand at all, and Poundstretcher's is probably the worst of the lot. However, NONE had seen the notices giving the locations of 'official' barbecue sites, so most were grateful to receive the leaflets. One charming young man had been careful to use a patch of grass that had already been burnt! (I hadn't the heart to point out that this meant the grass would take even longer to recover!)"

1. An example of recent scorch marks alongside old ones. 2. An abandoned barbecue, ironically on an adequate stand.
3. This was an example of a particularly messy barbecue patch. 4. This was in the middle of the cricket pitch. It will take a long time to recover.
5. Examples of the 'better barbecue' on a reasonable stand. 6. Serious scorch marks, and abandoned charcoal.
7. Burns old and new. 8. Here the 'official' site is difficult to find as the grass is growing over it.