Commemorative Tree

Congratulations and thanks to Audrey Simon, who has kept in mind our obligation to mark the planting of a tree on Bruntsfield Links (near the Golf Tavern) to commemorate the founding of the Friends of Parks Forum in 2001 (see her article in newsletter 38, p. 3). In the end, David Jamieson, Parks and Greenspace Manager, managed to find some money down the back of a sofa (in spite of budget cuts) to fund the placing of a stone (rather a beautiful one) complete with an engraving to mark this event. Very many thanks to David, and to the Parks staff who completed the work.

Mike Shields, our Community Parks Officer, found an appropriate (free) stone for this purpose, and our Play Workshop Manager, John Larnie, was responsible for providing the plaque at low cost. We are very grateful to them.