Move More

Move More Edinburgh is a programme of activities specifically designed for people affected by cancer. A cancer diagnosis and treatment can make you feel isolated and alone, it can also leave you with little energy and feeling low. The advice used to be that rest was best, however research shows that moving more can actually help recovery and make you feel better. Itís not about running marathons, itís just small steps to get out and active.

Move More Edinburgh offer gentle movement classes, circuit classes, walking groups and gardening groups so there is something for everyone. All the activities are free of charge and youíll be with others who are going through similar experiences.

We realise people may feel nervous about building up their activity levels, particularly if itís for the first time after treatment or if you havenít been active for a while, which is why there is a choice of activities for all ages and abilities. The activities will not only help you cope with the side effects of treatment, but also provide an opportunity to meet others in similar situation.

Activities are in ten locations across the city, including the Royal Commonwealth Pool and the Meadows.

For more information please contact or phone 0131 458 2190, or see the web page.