How to join FoMBL

If you would like to join FoMBL, there is a membership form which gives all the details. Download the pdf form and fill it in. If you are not sending a cheque you can email it to our membership secretary:
If you are sending a cheque, then print the form off and post it to him at the address given on the form. The subscription is currently 5 per year for individual members.

Renewing your membership

Membership is due to be renewed each year in June at the AGM. You can automate this process by setting up a standing order with your bank. That makes it much easier for you and us to handle renewals efficiently. You can either do this via your online banking system, or you can print out the Standing Order form accessible below and send it to your bank. All the details you might need for setting up the standing order are on the form. Membership fee is currently 5.00 per person. You are welcome to set up a standing order for more than one person's renewal, or make a bigger donation if you wish.

Get the form: Standing Order Form.

You still have to fill out a form to send to our membership secretary. Please download (right click and 'save as') the form: Membership Form. It can be emailed back to the Membership Secretary at: