Helping protect Edinburgh's green space

Board of Trustees

Convener - Jim Orr
Secretary - Sarah Tolley
Treasurer - Jim Orr
Membership Secretary - Alec Mann
Project Manager - Neil Roger
Newsletter Editor - Maureen Parnell
Joan Carter (Southside Community Council)
Kaaren Haughton (Southside Community Council)
Alison Service (Marchmont and Sciennes Community Council)
Iain Black (Tollcross Community Council)
Bridget Stevens (Merchiston Community Council)
Heather Goodare


Volunteer Co-ordinator - Alison Carr
Webmaster: Philip McDowell


FoMBL Constitution

Annual returns to OSCR

Each year from 2016 we have to make a return to OSCR in the form of an annual report and accounts.

Accounts for 2017/18
Annual report 2018
Here is the annual report 2017, and here are the accounts for 2016/17.
Here is the annual report 2016, and here are the accounts for 2015/16.

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