Answers to the Mural Quiz

Mural panels are refered to by number, number 1 on the left to number 5 on the right as on the previous page.

Q. Can you find the Shetland knitter?

A. Here she is on Panel 4 :

Q. Which trees and birds are shown on the mural?

A. Trees:

willow (Panel 3) rowan (Panel 4) horse chestnut (Panel 5)
Seagull (Panel 2) Swallow (Panel 3) Crow (Panel 4) Magpie (Panel 5) Owl (Panel 5)

Q. How many names and pictures of musical instruments can you find?


Bugles (Panel 2) Piping & Fiddles (Panel 3) Accordion (Panel 3) Whistle or recorder (Panel 4) Balalaika (Panel 4)

and on Panel 5:

Grand total 9 different types of instruments mentioned or illustrated.