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Issues that concern us:

Barbecue damage

Barbecues used to be forbidden on the Meadows and the Links, the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 changed all that. Anyone is allowed access to the parks for recreational purposes, which includes having a barbecue. However the law says that the right of access must be exercised responsibly, and no damage must be done. So anyone burning the grass with a barbecue is breaking the law, but no-one ever enforces the law. Now the Council have put down slabs for putting bbqs on and put up notices encouraging responsible barbecue use. What do you think? One of our members thinks barbecues are a bad idea. See what she says. The Council has the powers to introduce a byelaw banning barbecues - do you think they should?
Another of our members was out and about on Monday 4/7/11, and took some photos. Here they are.

The state of the grass

The grass gets very heavy use in the winter months from people playing all sorts of sports. That's great - just what the park is for. However, the CEC should have suitable management in place to make sure that the grass can recover fully during the growing season, and worn areas are properly replenished.

Events policy

Too many big comercial events can leave part of the park unusable for several months. We think the CEC should limit events using the park to short stays, and also impose strict conditions to protect the grass, for instance posing restrictions on the use of vehicles on the grass.

The need for better toilet facilities

How about some decent toilets at the Cricket Pavilion?

Recyling and litter removal

Are there any recycling bins in the park? There are, but labelling is poor

Restoration of the Jawbones

Looks like this is happening. They should be put back up soon.

Park Ranger cover

We need rangers in the park to make sure all is well. In particular, enforcing the responsible use of barbecues - particularly at weekends!


By joining the Friends of the Meadows and Bruntsfield Links you can help form our policies, and make us more representative of the community. The City of Edinburgh Council might then take more notice of what we say. Email the membership secretary at


Keep up the pressure. Please write and tell the authorities how you feel about the Meadows. If you are concerned as we are about the issues above, tell your local councillors. Other people you can write to are:

Please copy us into any emails you send

It helps us to know how the campaign is going if, when you send an email, you copy it to our convener at

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