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FOMBL is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation SC045955.

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Save Our Meadows

The Campaign continues


The FOMBL volunteers will meet again on 25 July, outside the pavilion cafe off Melville drive at 10am, for a 2 hour session

More Volunteers

Can you help keep the Meadows clean by volunteering as a litter monitor? Come to the community garden at 11, on Saturday 11 July, to find out more!

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It is now possible to make donations to FoMBL by text message.

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Meadows Events

because of the covid-19 crisis.


New Mural for the Meadows

on the Tennis pavilion


Newsletter 54

Newsletter 54,Spring 2020, is now published and can be found here.

Older Newsletters

Older Newsletters can be found on our Newsletters page.

Meadows Chamber Orchestra

Although they are nothing to do with FoMBL, the orchestra are good friends of ours, so we like to give them some publicity here.

For further information see their website.

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